After having reached a significant experience as a carpenter in Switzerland and France, in 1961, Giovanni Bordin, animated by an enormous passion for his job, builds Falegnameria Bordin, treating the handicraft production of wooden window and door frames.

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About us


Our mission is to create an additional value to the quality of life, planning and producing wooden interior able to fully satisfy the requirements of a room and the people who live it.


For almost 50 years, Bordin's family has been carrying on the activity with great passion and expertise, satisfying the changing demands which characterize the market in the last years.

The evolution of our business can be divided in 5 main steps, each of whom contributed in a significant way to grow the company know-how and the constant update of the producing processes through more and more technological machines. All this, along with a remarkable organisational capacity and a clever production flexibility, brought Falegnameria Bordin to reach a position of prominence at national and international levels.

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